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Bamboo Brushes, Compostable Dental Floss & Handy Travel Holder

This Blog post was written by Kate Hall aka Ethically Kate. Be sure to check out her Blog and Instagram.

 I don't know about you, but I avoid trips to the dentist at all costs. When I began to adopt eco lifestyle habits, I quickly realised I needed to change my toothbrush decisions. Naturally, I became scared of sacrificing my beautiful pearly whites, for the eco-alternative. Not the case with The Eco Brush!

The Eco Brush are New Zealand's one-stop-shop for everything you need to take care of your teeth: Toothbrushes (including charcoal infused options), carry cases, floss, and children's brushes. Each product has been designed to look after your teeth, but also respect the environment.

FACT: Every tooth brush ever used, still exists. URGH.

The Eco Brush team have thought of both how the products are made, and where they end up at the end of their life. As toothbrushes should only be used for a few months (depending on what advice you are listening to!), it was important for The Eco Brush team to find a solution for disposal, that did right by the planet. P.S. All their packaging is compostable too.

The Toothbrush:

The Eco Brush toothbrushes are made with bamboo. Bamboo was chosen as it is one of the most sustainable fibres out there. Bamboo can grow up to one metre each day, with little to no water needed to aid the growing process. No pesticides or other chemicals are ever needed to increase it's growth, because it grows so damn fast, making it totally organic and sustainable. Bamboo also offers a strong handle to hold for maximum control and grip, and can break down in your home compost too. I love the fact that once my tooth brush has done it's dash, I simply snip off the bristles, and throw it in the compost!

"We only have one planet. Let's take care of it"

- The Eco Brush

Speaking of bristles, I know you're wondering: What are they made of? Why can't they be composted? Surely that's not really all eco then? I asked the exact same things when chatting to The Eco Brush team, and I have some answers for you.

The bristles are made out of nylon 6. To put it in their words: "the bristles are the only thing I’m not stoked with". Currently, there is no better material available for tooth brush bristles, that will clean teeth to a hygienic standard and keep them healthy. Some companies claim to have different types of natural bristles, like bamboo fibre, and nylon 4. BUT, the truth is, these are usually just nylon 6. Of course these companies who claim to have natural bristles have great intentions, but are often misled by suppliers- an unfortunate common occurrence in the eco-world.

It's not all doom and gloom. The Eco Brush are working hard to find a solution. They continue to research, and as soon as they find something available that still cleans teeth properly, they'll be using it!

For me, this is more than enough. Imagine if we compromised, and used natural bristles that didn't do a good enough job. We'd all end up at the dentist, using more plastic in our dental procedures than we've saved by using natural bristles! When it comes to eco-living, you've got to be smart about it. I respect and honour The Eco Brush for being transparent in their materials, and doing the research and hard work for us.

The Compostable Floss:

Made from corn starch based PLA, this floss is simply the sweetest. In a wee glass dispenser, the floss is perfect for travelling (so I have discovered), and cleans in between my teeth super well. I've never been good at remembering to floss my teeth as often as I should! But now that this wee guy sits in my bathroom, I remember to floss much more often- simply because it's a cute glass jar, and I love walking out to the compost afterwards.

The Travel Case:

I'm a travel addict, and I know it. The bamboo travel case keeps my toothbrush clean and safe. Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial resource, meaning you can keep your toothbrush in it safely for long periods (what every traveller needs!). I travelled to Australia for two weeks recently, and had several of my hosts and friends comment on how cool it looked too- none of those tacky plastic looking cases here!

The ECO Brush, Travel case and The ECO Floss.Ethically Kate testing out The ECO BrushThe ECO Brush, Travel Case and The ECO FlossTravel Case, The ECO Floss and The ECO BrushEthically Kate Testing out The ECO Floss

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