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My Toothbrush Of Choice

This Blog post was written by Kate Hall aka Ethically Kate. Be sure to check out her Blog and Instagram.

I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again a thousand times… every toothbrush you’ve ever used, still exists. In fact, it will probably still exist when your children’s grandchildren’s children are born…

This is not the case, if you use an eco-alternative. Cue: The Eco Brush.

The Eco Brush was not my first eco toothbrush, but it may be my last. In the past year, I have trialled approximately 6 different eco toothbrushes (including one that can only be used as a plant labeller in the garden, because it is TERRIBLE) … but I always come back to The Eco Brush.

Photo by Nectar Photography

The soft bristles of the toothbrush are ideal for my teeth, and gain the tick of approval from my lovely dentist- since I’m the type of person who actually goes to their yearly dental checkups, I always make sure to ask!

And the floss? Honestly, in the past when I travelled I did the floss dance move more than I actually flossed my teeth. But now my floss is in a little glass container and easy to take around in my minimalistic travel bag, I think my teeth are thanking me for it. (I’ve also stopped doing the floss dance move so much, so both my teeth and my friends are thankful)

NOTE: When I travel, I keep the used floss in my bag to take home to my compost, as it will not break down easily in landfill conditions. #econerd

Photo by Nectar Photography

Photo by Nectar Photography

I’ve harped on about what the toothbrush, floss, and travel case are made of and what I really think about them here.

But now a whole year has gone by, here’s what I’ve learnt:

  • The Eco Brush now offer floss refills: I’ll use my glass floss container for the rest of my life, and simply load it up with refills which come in a compostable cardboard container.

  • The Bamboo Travel Case is sturdy and manages to handle a lot! The lid has become slightly loose as time goes by. It’s no major, and still totally works, but if it ever broke, I could pop it in the compost.

  • My husband is the harshest critic when it comes to all my eco-products… he likes The Eco Brush as much as I do.

  • The Eco Brush are working on newer and better eco products (I’m excited!).

  • So many of my friends & family have switched to The Eco Brush over the past year- they love it too.

  • Plastic free bristles are closer to becoming a reality! Currently, the bristles are made from Nylon-6, a non-biodegradable plastic. This is because there is no better eco-alternative that will actually clean your teeth. At the moment, you must take out the bristles and put them in the normal bin before composting the toothbrush, but the world (and The Eco Brush) are closer to discovering how to make the bristles compostable too. Note: I love that The Eco Brush are honest and open about this- some companies hide it, which mean plastic bristles end up in the compost. Not good.

Photo by Nectar Photography

If you’ve just begun your eco journey, start with The Eco Brush.

I’m all for going ALL IN, but starting simple (starting with a toothbrush!) will help your habit changes become far more solidified and sustainable in the long run. Start with your toothbrush, floss, and travel case (if you need it), and work your way into more eco-habits from there.

Your toothbrush is something you use twice a day. I firmly believe ‘book ending’ your day with an eco-decision, will inspire eco decisions in between!

Photo by Nectar Photography

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  • I agree ! My Eco toothbrush, and eco kitchen brush are SO much better than the horrible fully plastic types.

    Catherine Belsey

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