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8 Ways to Reuse Your Eco Brush

Your ECO Brush may be biodegradable, but that doesn’t mean it has to be thrown straight onto the compost heap! (However, this is a great option!) We’ve put together eight ways you can repurpose your toothbrush this Plastic Free July – and beyond.
Plant Marker:
Your bamboo toothbrush can also be used as a plant marker in your garden. It’s the perfect size to label crops so you always know what your vegetables and herbs you’re picking for dinner! It’s simple, just clean your brush and label the handle, then place it in the soil. But, don’t forget to remove the bristles first! The easiest way is to pull them out with a pair of pliers. Just twist and pull downwards to take them out.
Compost it!
If you’re not a fan of using your brush around the house for other purposes, don’t forget you can compost it! If you’ve got a home compost or take your food scraps to the local composter, you can dispose of your toothbrush in there too! Bamboo toothbrushes only take around 3-4 months to decompose, compared to plastic which takes around 1,000 years!
Arts and Crafts:
This one is perfect for the kids! You can reuse your toothbrush for school art projects or for DIY projects! The bristles make for the perfect paintbrush, creating unique paint streaks on paper. The texture of the brush is also amazing when playing with clay!
Cleaning the Bathroom:
When it’s time to buy yourself a new toothbrush, don’t throw out the old one! Keep using it as a cleaning tool for spots that are difficult to clean. You can use your toothbrush for a variety of things, such as cleaning around the bathroom tap, or between the tiles!
Removing Stains:
Stains can be really tough to remove, but your bamboo toothbrush can help out! Using soapy water or whichever other cleaning agent suits best, scrub the stain repetitively. The bristles on the toothbrush will help you get deep into the fibres and loosen the stain.
Cleaning Shoes:
Your old toothbrush will come in handy when it’s time to polish or scrub your shoes clean. If you’ve got little kids who love to play sports or run in the mud, this trick is for you! They're perfect for scrubbing small spaces in the treads, leaving them super clean!
Tired of not being able to clean the keys on your keyboard thoroughly enough? The bristles on your toothbrush will effortlessly clean around the keys and any other hard to get places! It's great for getting in those small crevices and tight corners.
Nothing compares to a warm fire on a cold evening! You can always throw your old toothbrush handles into the fire for some added warmth. Just remember to remove the bristles before you throw it into the fire!
Upcycling is one of the main pillars of sustainable living. All you need to do is maintain this mindset and find ways to creatively repurpose your old things to give them a new life! Cheers to change!

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