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5 Ways to reduce your plastic waste!

Rubbish on a Beach

Here are our top 5 ways to reduce your plastic waste!

1. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Remember your reusables! I'm sure you're used to taking your reusable bags to the grocery shops by now. Start adding to that. Add in some reusable produce/bulk food bags/jars. Then add taking your own cutlery, rather than using plastic cutlery. No one enjoys using plastic cutlery anyway. Always treat yourself to your nice silverware!

2. Strategically grocery shop!

Pick the items with less plastic. For example, pick the pasta that comes in a cardboard box rather than a plastic bag. With sauces pick the sauce that's in a jar or can rather than the plastic bottle. It's the same product just better packaging! Each time you're about to grab an item wrapped in plastic look around it and see what other options there are. You'll be surprised how many times there will be a plastic-free option right there next to it on the shelf.

3. Sort your bathroom out!

Obviously, we had to put this in here somewhere! Swapping out your toothbrush for a Bamboo toothbrush is most peoples first eco-swap. It works just like your normal toothbrush, just without the plastic. The same goes for The ECO Floss it's plastic-free, vegan-friendly, compostable dental floss! Starting your day with a bamboo toothbrush puts you in the mindset to reduce your plastic from the minute you wake up. 

4. Use what you have

The easiest way to not add any more plastic to your life is to use the things you already have! Before buying something new look around your home. What could you re-purpose to do what you're looking for? Do you need that fancy new coffee cup or could you just use a jar that you already have? You can even dress it up with some old fabric you were going to bin!

5. Buy Second hand

If you can't find a plastic-free alternative and you can't re-purpose something you already have. Buy second hand! Not only will it save you money but if you go to your local op shop you're usually supporting one charity or another with your purchases! It's a double win.


We hope you've found this blog useful. If you did leave a comment below with the thing you're going to change first!



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